Our Aviation Emissions and Sustainability data is used by travel retailers, tourist boards and carbon off-setters. Whether you are wishing to help someone choose the most sustainable flight option provide your customers with information to offset their flight or undertake carbon footprint analysis we can tailor a solution for you.

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Better method, better data

You may have seen other CO2 data providers, but it’s our methodology and data which sets us apart from the rest. It has been specifically developed to provide the most flexible and accurate estimations of aviation CO2 emissions available.

Data in two dimensions

Others: Two-dimensional output

Typically, most CO2 calculators on the market only take a couple of factors into consideration when calculating emissions such as route and aircraft type.

Data in three dimensions

Ours: Multi-dimensional output

We take route, aircraft type plus granular and constantly researched factors like engine type, fleet age, cabin configuration and much more to provide a detailed picture.

Greater accuracy

  • RDC maintains a comprehensive database of airlines, aircraft and engine types and seating configurations of more than 35,000 airframes which enables a more granular calculation to be made.
  • The application of airline-specific seat configurations allows emissions to be attributed on a per seat, per passenger or per cabin/seat basis, more accurately highlighting the difference in emissions per passenger and enabling more informed customer decisions about the impact of their travel.

Understanding the sustainable commitments of airlines can be complex and that’s why we have developed a sustainability rating. Our Sustainability data scores an airline on their investment and interest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as well as wider sustainability commitments.


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