RDC has developed a unique process to pre-calculate landing fees, infrastructure charges, passenger charges and government taxes across airline/airport networks, using customer-specific data, to enable:

  • Verification of invoices received from airports
  • Creation of accurate accruals for invoices yet-to-be received
  • Production of budget estimates based on planned flight operations

RDC offers a range of pre-calculated datasets that can be uploaded into finance and ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle by turning complicated landing charge and other airport-related DOCs into Unit Rates that mirror airport invoice line items and the requirements of the airline finance system.

How it works

Flight event parameters defining charge calculations

  • Time and day of operation
  • Pax on board
  • Route O&D

Equipment Characteristics driving charge calculations

  • MTOW
  • Noise chapter and noise values
  • Emissions

Airport specific criteria to refine charge accuracy

  • Which terminal?
  • Gate or Remote parking?
  • Use of CUTE or CUSS?
  • Scheduled or charter operation?

AirportCharges Unit Rates contains:

  • A dataset customised for each airline network using aircraft-specific data
  • Access to the LOOP platform for fleet data distribution
  • A licence for AirportCharges to refine and customise key charge settings by airport
Save time

Save time and improve accuracy

A custom dataset replaces lengthy manual collation of charges information, saving time and improving invoice validation process.

Improve forecasting

Forecasting and budgeting

Analyse the complete charges cost across an airline route network.

Intergrate seamlessly

Integrate with in-house systems

Improve productivity by automating charges updates into your existing ERP and finance systems.

Get AirportCharges Unit Rates for your finance system