Look no further for the most comprehensive, accurate and flexible database you’ll find for understanding and calculating airport user charges, en route fees and government taxes. Aircraft operators, airports and research agencies trust AirportCharges’ class-leading solutions and support team to help them find, interpret, and scenario plan at more than 3,000 airports globally.

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Why AirportCharges?

Who is AirportCharges for?



Global airlines trust AirportCharges to help manage their turnaround cost calculations and administration. AirportCharges is proven to save network carriers millions of US dollars every year. FL3XX, Leon or myairops user? See our partner integrations for even faster quoting.

Save time
Quick access to over 3,000 airport charges saves time spent researching and databasing, leaving you to focus on the numbers.
Plan and negotiate
The powerful calculation engine enables you to calculate and compare charges with pinpoint accuracy, maximising your ability to plan and negotiate.
Proven to reduce costs
AirportCharges gives you time to compare your invoices to the on-screen output. AirportCharges has saved network carriers millions of US dollars every year.
Your user charges partner
Our dedicated support team will work with you to ensure you’ve got the information you need, even if that means researching data we don’t yet have.


Airports around the world rely on AirportCharges to maintain a competitive advantage. Evaluate business decisions quickly with access to global airports' charges and stay up-to-date with issues and updates affecting your organisation.

Benchmark your charges against your competitors
See how your charges compare to those of your national and international competitors. Assess the impact of discount schemes to ensure they are making a difference.
Better prepared for Regulation and Consultation
Use AirportCharges to provide independent data and analysis in support of discussions and presentations to external agencies and regulatory bodies.
Improve your negotiations
Attract new business. The extensive database of operator information allows you to accurately understand the cost to your customers and be better equipped to negotiate rates and contracts.
Flight support

Flight Support & Operations

Providing accurate and immediate items to fly aircraft from one destination to another is critical - AirportCharges can cater for one important component of this.

Accurate items
The costs associated with flying an aircraft from one destination to another are complicated and difficult to compile. RDC has done the hard work so that this critical component is as accurate as possible. A greater understanding of costs means a greater understanding of profit.
More timely information
Online and API access to the RDC airport charges database greatly improves the speed of providing items and is a vital factor in the winning/losing of business.


Organisations worldwide are streamlining their research capability with AirportCharges. For when you need airport charges data in your projects, AirportCharges will save you more time than any other system, whilst remaining the most accurate.

The only source you need for airport charges data
With original documentation, a highly accurate calculation engine, query and notification system, AirportCharges is all you’ll ever need for researching, calculating and understanding the world of airport user fees.
Get the big picture
With our query engine and comparison tools, you can get a macro view of the airport and country charges world.

AirportCharges features

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Stay up-to-date with favourite airports
News from the world of airport charges
Airport location maps
Fuel price trends
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