The aviation world has become much more demanding of technology in recent years, driven by a thirst to innovate and find efficiencies.

This new world calls for a level of connectivity that was previously not possible or required, especially within business aviation. It is no longer a matter of simply implementing a single application or data stream. Rather, digital transformation can only be achieved when multiple technologies come together and combine data from different sources – securely and at scale and this is where the power of API-led integration comes in.

A modern, hybrid integration platform powers digital transformation by bringing together different applications and connecting data from different company types to provide a platform to help solve the greatest issues surrounding business aviation.

The main issues have been identified as

  • Productivity - Many people confuse productivity with being busy. It is not about being busy, it is about what/who is actually having an impact and delivering value to the business. Several tasks within business aviation are time consuming, mundane, and repetitive.
  • Complexity – getting an aircraft off the ground to its destination is a complex task. There are numerous amounts of planning, regulatory considerations and departments that are involved in making it happen from incoming flight requests, all the way to post-flight operations
  • Speed – When you are competing for business in the marketplace and not just when we are impacted by a global pandemic, speed to respond to potential customers is key. Most current processes are lengthy and time consuming and can make the difference between company profitability and loss.

As the airline industry continues to evolve, there is more demand for real-time data and technology-led processes than ever before. This can be challenging to achieve in an industry that has sometimes resisted change.

Technology is not about replacing people; it is about freeing up individuals time to be able to focus on the tasks that will have a greater impact on the business, it is about accessing real time data and creating client quotes and proposals in a fraction of the time previously required: instead of having to repeatedly enter data across multiple pages. It is about flight departments having all their tools in one easy to access place and about ensuring everyone has the same opportunities despite the size or bank balance of the company. But no man is an island and can solve these issues alone. That is where partnerships come in to play.

The key to any successful partnership is, first and foremost, finding the right company to join forces with. Partnerships and data are the integral way that organisations within business aviation can grow and develop. FL3XX is a leader within the field of technology in the business aviation market and we are excited that our partnership continues to grow.

Intelligent services are key to everything we do at RDC, and we want to provide access to the latest information relating to airport pricing and overflight charges. By integrating our data within the FL3XX platform, together we can solve the issues of productivity, complexity, and speed for the industry.

If you are visiting an airport for the very first time, or you are concerned that your cost assumptions may not be valid, then our integrated solution with FL3XX provides you with the data you need. Simply clicking the RDC button within the quotation screen you will get the latest airport pricing information for each sector, based on the unique conditions of the quote. At RDC we want to provide powerful capabilities across our entire customer base regardless of customer size and this partnership plays directly into our economies of scale cloud delivery model.

RDC has released a new en-route charges API into their growing set of data services. This new API is available for operators who need overflight cost calculations and complements the existing landing and airport charges API, already integrated into the FL3XX platform. This new API will shortly be available to FL3XX customers through the platform, to offer users the ability to accurately calculate the airport and ANSP fees and charges incurred by any flight.


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