RDC is excited to announce a major partnership with SQUAKE

SQUAKE is the industry end-to-end solution designed to support the sustainable transformation of travel and transport companies. SQUAKE enable a seamless integration of accurate carbon calculations and tangible compensation in their system and offering.

What SQUAKE does SQUAKE helps companies to offer sustainable services with 1 API call

RDC are providing flight level CO2 emissions data to SQUAKE’s platform. Via their API-based solution, SQUAKE provides businesses with the ability to deliver multi modal emissions calculation but also the ability to compensate for these through a curated portfolio of climate projects.

This partnership is placing clients all over the world just a couple clicks away from leveraging RDC's industry knowledge and data to better understand and act upon their flight emissions. We are very excited to see, yet again, the strength of our API allowing for such positive synergies in making our industry's sustainable transformation a reality.

Philipp von Lamezan, CEO and Co-founder of SQUAKE

We are delighted that SQUAKE has chosen to integrate our emissions data into their carbon calculator API. This will provide business and consumers with an accurate end-to-end solution to make more environmentally friendly travel choices - along with the option to offset their emissions.

Peter Hind CEO RDC Aviation

We look forward to working with SQUAKE to ensure businesses have access to accurate flight level carbon emissions data.

Banner image by Jason Leung on Unsplash


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