Bienvenida to RDC’s Aviation Emissions Report for April 2024, looking at global passenger related aviation emissions with a focus on the 25 largest markets by total emissions.

This month, we look at Spain and the Canary Islands (the latter having seen recent protests against levels of tourism on the islands) and consider the resulting aviation emissions impacts.

April emissions report SpainFocus market on this month's report: Spain and the Canary Islands

Highlights from this month’s report include:

  • Global passenger-related emission in April 2024 were 63m tonnes
  • Emissions year to date at 246m tonnes are up 12% vs the same period last year
  • 8 of the 25 largest countries for emissions are above 2019 levels

Spotlight on Spain and The Canary Islands

  • With recent protests held against (perceived unsustainable) tourism levels, we see total emissions from Spanish airports being up 11% year to date compared to last year and up 4% compared to 2019
  • Of the Canary Island airports, emissions are highest from Tenerife South, estimated at 1.2m tonnes of CO2 in the last 12 months
  • Detailed emissions data from RDC’s Apex shows that Low Cost and Leisure carriers account for 77% of total emissions from airports in the Canary Islands, with most emissions being generated on flights to/from the UK (c32% of total Canary Island emissions in the last 12 months)
  • More broadly across Spain, Madrid Airport is responsible for the highest level of emissions (6.89m tonnes in the last 12 months)

Download this month’s report here Our CO2 data which powers our monthly report is available as a dataset, via an API or as part of a subscription to Apex

Banner image by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash


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