As we approach the winter 2022/23 season, airports across Europe are updating fleet information in their financial databases and airport operational databases (AODBs).

In the current climate, from both a financial and a human resource perspective, there is no room for errors and inefficiencies in billing procedures.

Historically in LOOP there has been a increase in airframe updates prior to the winter season.

LOOP Airframe updates January 2021 - September 2022 LOOP Airframe updates January 2021 - September 2022

LOOP supports the air transport industry in this area by making the airframe data required for billing accessible to the organisations that require it and provides a platform to act as ‘single source of truth’ for the airlines and operators that need to distribute this data.

From an airline perspective, it is vital that the airports served are in possession of the correct aircraft weight information (MTOW / MLW), noise data, emissions values and seat configuration. This ensures that billing is correct. LOOP minimises the amount of time spent distributing fleet data changes to individual airports and responding to inbound requests.

For airports and ANSPs, LOOP minimises the time spent researching airframe data and documentation with a single source. The data and documentation in LOOP is provided directly by the airline and independently verified by RDC.

Available via the LOOP application or via integrations directly into you AODB, LOOP is ready for use across your business.

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