Working with some of the most trusted names in the industry, RDC has developed a technology-led solution to one of the most frustrating problems encountered by airports and airlines - how to securely manage and exchange core data. The first application to be launched on the LOOP data distribution platform will solve problems for finance departments by facilitating the permission-led sharing of aircraft data used for billing.

A new way of connecting time-sensitive and financially-critical data

The current method of consolidating aircraft data is so time consuming many airports can only undertake this once or (at most) twice per year. The LOOP platform provides a seamless data distribution process that creates significant time savings on both sides of the billing cycle, while also increasing accuracy and confidence in generating (and auditing) invoices.

As Chief Executive Peter Hind explains:

Over the last five years we have seen an increase in demand for our technology and data services as airports and airlines look to digitise processes. We built LOOP to provide our users with a scalable solution to some of their most common problems, without the need to replace legacy enterprise systems. The current pandemic has accelerated the drive for technology-enabled solutions and we are delighted to be launching the first range of services on the LOOP platform at such a critical time for the air transport industry.

Adam Kendall - Head of Technology - outlines how the RDC internal processes helped develop LOOP quickly whilst also reacting to market requirements:

The LOOP data distribution platform has been developed using agile techniques to ensure that innovation and user collaboration are at its heart. We’ve worked closely with key partners to ensure that the LOOP platform delivers on its core principles - seamlessly connected data within a trusted and secure, permission-led framework.

If you’re an operator looking to future-proof your fleet distribution; an airport looking to save time and increase the accuracy of billing data; or want to help shape the next stages of LOOP development, please get in touch at or through the LOOP website

About RDC

RDC is a technology-driven company that has a unique range of products and services for the air transport industry based around its core technology and proprietary datasets. The LOOP data distribution platform compliments the existing product suite and future iterations of this service are planned to leverage the power of RDC's Airport Charges platform.


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