As we retire our original online products, we look towards the future and how Apex, our current evolution of aviation market intelligence products, can help our customers, new and old.

In saying goodbye to two of our first online products Capstats and RoutePro, we mark the end of an era. Initially launched in 2003, was a product ahead of its time, allowing quick access to key, high level information on flight frequency and seat capacity data. This query system was a vital resource for planners, analysts, and business developers alike. With almost half a million activities logged on the system, we know how respected Capstats was with our customers and were keen to enhance the product for our customers.

Four years later, we successfully launched RoutePro, which saw more than 300,000 route performance studies being completed during its lifespan.

From our humble beginnings of starting our business with just 5 employees, our family has now grown to a family of 30, with each member bringing a unique level of expertise. We are very proud of our success and over the last decade, we now have seen the number of our customers grow beyond our expectations.

Recognising the value in both Capstats and Routepro, we have now taken those initial concepts and nurtured the products to form part of our Apex suite. With enhanced and smarter technology, we now offer our customers greater insights into accurate route cost analysis. For example, in our Schedules module, customers can:

  • Analyse and export current and historic schedules data, and visually compare trends on time-series graphs
  • Design market share pie charts for routes or whole markets
  • Quickly find market opportunities based on what's not flown

Our Route Performance module analyses and compares single route performance studies for any airline/aircraft over any airport-pair as well as:

  • Creating a route performance comparison
  • Viewing an airline financial report
  • Comparing airline financial performance

In addition to the route performance and schedules modules, we’ve added fare analysis and airline profitability modules to give users even greater insight into key route data.

If you would like further information on Apex or any of our products, please contact us here.

Banner image by Gabriel Miklós on Unsplash


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