We are delighted to announce the release of a new en-route charges API into our growing set of data services.

This new API is available for operators who need overflight cost calculations integrating into their own applications and complements the existing landing and airport charges API, giving users the ability to accurately calculate the airport and ANSP fees and charges incurred by any flight. It uses the same technology as the En-Route Navigation module of AirportCharges.com, meaning subscribers can choose between the app-based calculator or integration into their own systems.

Our data support department maintains a database of overflight fees for over 160 ANSPs, covering the world, so all users need to add is the aircraft, origin airport and destination for a quick calculation, or way-points from the flight plan for a more accurate result. The calculation engine will do the rest within seconds!

Customers now have two APIs available, with En-Route complementing the existing Airport Charges API which covers tariff data at over 3,000 airports. These solutions are used by a variety of different company types which include aircraft operators, OEMs, flight support and finance systems. We have identified three main use cases:

  • Improving the accuracy of flight cost estimates for quoting and budgeting
  • Feeding navigation costs into flight planning systems
  • Reconciliation of invoices received from ANSPs

If you have a need for En-Route and/or Airport Charges data then please contact us and a member of the team would be delighted to provide further information around our solutions.

Banner image by NASA on Unsplash


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