Acknowledging this unprecedented time, we at RDC have been taking stock of the current situation for the aviation industry and its impact on our business, much like all of our friends and colleagues around the travel and tourism world.

As a customer or potential customer, you may be wondering how prepared we are to see through the next few months, and we’d like to reassure you that we are taking every step we can to retain our normal high levels of support and service to our loyal client base.

At a company level, we pride ourselves on our flexible working approach and as such all of our staff are currently working from home to protect them and their families during the outbreak, and are well positioned to do so for as long as is necessary.


Regarding data updates to our core product suite of Apex, AirportCharges and the AirportCharges API, we continue to provide our regular schedule of updates to each of the above systems. Where applicable, we are also applying our extensive industry knowledge, as well as closely monitoring any developments to provide additional insights, particularly around flight schedules and pricing/fare changes that are resulting from these exceptional circumstances.

If there are any specific areas of insight that we can offer you outside of these core systems, please do get in touch and we will try to assist wherever possible. We are able to create custom files of data from a combination of our own data and this may be more suitable for your needs at this time.

Customer service

Our customer service function continues to operate as normal, however in the cirumstances we acknowledge that in some instances response and resolution times may be impacted. Our development team will maintain support on our core product suite, however the prioritisation of some issues may be determined differently to usual. We will however always ensure that we maintain the high level of uptime and accuracy that is expected from our products. We appreciate your patience, and will always do our very best to provide the same attentive service as we pride ourselves on.

To ensure queries reach the relevant team at this time, please use the following generic email addresses that can be used in addition to your usual contact here:

Above all else, we wish to be clear that we are here to support our community as best we can during these difficult times. If there is any way that we can assist you, however big or small, please be in no hesitation to contact us and we will do our absolute best.

We wish you all the best and good health for yourselves and your families during these challenging next few months.

Banner image by Anete Lusina on Unsplash


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