As we move out of Quarter 1 (our busiest time for updating AirportCharges), it feels timely to take a look at the landscape of what's changed in airport tariffs in 2024 compared to last year.

More than 1,000 airports with new charges already databased!

Our team of analysts have been extremely busy since January and have processed new tariff documents for more than 1,000 airports which have new charges available in 2024. As seen below, we’ve captured updates from AAL / EKYT (Aalborg Airport in Denmark) right through to ZTH / LGZA (Zakynthos Airport in Greece) and from SEA / KSEA (Seattle Airport in the USA) to CHC / NZCH (Christchurch Airport in New Zealand).

Airports with new charges valid in 2024Airports in AirportCharges with new charges valid in 2024

Changes by region

On average, across all 1,014 airports with new charges in 2024, airports’ charges are +4.7% higher than the same period last year - with inflation in mid to high single digits across the world last year, this rate of increase is not unexpected.

However, not all airport’s and regions’ charges change by the same amount - variations in regulatory structures, the process and timeline for setting user charges, as well as local inflationary and operational variances will drive different outcomes.

When looking at the average change by continent, Australasian airports have seen the largest increase on average (+15.2%) with charges in the Caribbean increasing by the lowest amount (+2.2%)

Change in average charges in 2024 vs 2023 by continentChange in average charges in 2024 vs 2023 by continent

The 1,014 airports with new charges in 2024 are located in 76 countries, of which:

  • 7 countries have seen an average decrease in charges;
  • 10 countries see no change overall and
  • 59 countries have increases in charges.

Turkish airports have the largest decrease in charges on average while airports in Australia see the largest increase on average.

Changes by size of airport

Looking at the size of the airport in terms of the number of seats (sourced from RDC’s Insights Platform Apex), we can see that airports with between 25 and 50 million seats have seen the biggest increase in charges (+7.3%) while the largest airports with more than 50 million seats have seen the smallest increase this year (+2.5%)

Change in charges vs 2024 vs 2023 by airport sizeChange in charges vs 2024 vs 2023 by airport size


To standardise our analysis, we have considered the change in charges between May 2023 and May 2024, using an international flight with one hour of parking operated on a generic A320 (MTOW = 77 tonnes and capacity 186 seats operated at an 85% load factor).

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